Beelzebub Blackberry

» Blood Blackberry!

In November last year I made the mistake of buying a Blackberry. I rocked up for family dinner, lauded my technological prowess over my Luddite siblings and went home to set-up my email, my BBM and a plethora of social media and IM applications.

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Um, ah, Feck, Feck, Feck - First adventures in screencasting

screencasting to oblivion

I’m a big believer in using online video tutorials to learn new skills. I’ve learnt tons of cool stuff about Photoshop and Illustrator, for free, by simply watching a geek-pro work the programs and describe the process at the same time.  I love those guys and gals, they’re awesome.

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New Skills? Bring It!

New skills

WeAreSignals isn’t exactly a big company. In fact, compared to some of the web design giants lurking in Johannesburg, we’re pretty damn small. On a fulltime basis, there’s just the two of us – it’s just Greg and I.

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