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We’ve moved on!

We’ve grown into a turn-key, 360° Digital Agency called Cavalry Media and can now provide you with a far more comprehensive service than before. Check us out and get in touch

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Johannesburg, that’s right, Jozi, the 011, the big smoke, the iniquitous den of plenty. We love it here - the hustle, the bustle, the fecund opportunity - it’s humbling. Damn, it’s exciting too.

We’re inspired by Johannesburg, the people, the grime, the cosmopolitan diversity – you won’t find it anywhere else – so, we’re building a digital empire. You should be a part of it.



We build the internet, one standards-compliant site at a time.

We make sites perform, using blistering content, scintillating design and an arsenal of online marketing tricks and technomancy.

We collaborate, we innovate, we create, we inspire, but most importantly, we deliver.



We’re hunting awards and pursuing partners.

We’re getting involved with local artists and commercial agencies alike. We’re going places, it’s as simple as that.


Web  Development

There’s more to building a site than slapping some code together and hoping for the best. You need to consider standards, accessibility and usability. We do. That’s why our sites work. Whether we’re building micro, CMS or sleek mobi sites, we make sure they perform to their true potential.

Web  Design

Sure, the internet is all about delivering information, but, if you’re stuck with a pig of a site you’re not going to impress anyone. Our sites are designed with your users in mind. They’re graphically engaging, easy to use and an impressive online portrayal of your brand.

Content  Generation

If content is king, then ours rules the web with an iron fist – driving conversions and making search engines sit up and beg for more. Conversion copy, blogs, landing pages, SEO content? We’ve got it. Bring on the monarchy.


Someone else is building your site? Shame. Make sure you’re asking the right questions and getting the product you deserve with our strategy and development consulting.


There’s no point in building a site if nobody can find it. Our philosophy is simple: rank, dominate, decimate. Need we say more?


Using photography in web design is a great way to get users to engage with your content. Photography adds depth, draws in users and helps get your message across. From studio to documentary photography, we've got you covered.


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